The change is made together with YOU.

Have you got bored with your old Undersea bikini?
Don’t throw it away!

Just send it back so we can recycle it in the same way as it was produced. In return, we give you 20 % DISCOUNT from your next purchase of your brand new Undersea bikini! You can help to save the world while saving some money! If it sounds good to you and want to join this new wave, just follow these easy steps below:

  1. Buy any kind of swimwear from our webshop.
  2. One year after buying an Undersea Bikini, you have 2 years to decide whether you want to send it back or just keep it. It means that after 3 years, we can’t take your bikini back.
  3. Please, place your old bikini in a closed package and mark it with the same name as it was ordered , so we can find you easily in our system!
  4. Send it to our office: Hungary (COUNTRY) 5000 (POST CODE) Szolnok (CITY) 23. Zsalya ut (STREET)
  5. As soon as we receive the package, we will send you a confirmation letter with a voucher of 20 % discount to your e-mail address!

Thank you for recycling and reducing your waste!

See you soon in your new bikini!