Everybody is a bikini body

At UNDERSEA, we believe that everyone deserves to be seen. That's why create pieces that can boost anyone's self-confidence. Yes, even yours.

No matter your shape, size, skin tone color, or age: you’ll always look flawless in our sassy, consciously created, and designed-to-last wardrobe essentials.

Now let that confidence shine, girl.
Don’t let us down.

We believe all people should feel empowered and confident in their own skin.

Self love baby, self love

As all bodies are unique, during the designing process our main focus is to create swimwear that flatter all different body types.

We are here to celebrate women with various body shapes and we want our customers to feel the sexiest and the most confident in our products.

Our goal is to show that our styles can be versatile and are not just made for one specific body type.

Your words, not ours

" I truly can‘t believe how beautifully this bikini fits. I am just blown away by the super soft material and the many ways I can wear it.
Love love love! "

" The shape and design is so flattering and perfect for tanning. The colour is so gorgeous,
much better than on the pictures, especially in sunlight. "

" What a beautifully designed swimwear! I really appreciate the philosophy behind Undersea and the high quality they provide.
The fabric of this bikini es extremely soft and smooth. "

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Nothing makes us happier than watching all of our babes
absolutely glow in their Undersea bikinis!