The Brand

Undersea Wear is on an epic mission to help clear up polluted oceans and reduce the negative impact that plastic is having on the environment by recycling waste into fun, high quality swimwear.

Our goal is to inspire people to become conscious consumers and generous towards the environment by offering a fashionable product that is consciously created and designed to last. We want to make sure our customers are proud of what they wear, and our swimwear reflect not only their style but also their values.


We believe that the more you enjoy the Earth, the more you want to protect it. And the more effort you put into protecting it, the more it will show you love back. That‘s why we decided to give a hand to Mother Nature by using a yarn not only recycled but also infinitely recyclable.

All of our bikinis are made with ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon from discarded fishing nets and other nylon waste materials from the bottom of the oceans. Instead of increasing demand for new plastic, we are helping to give new life and value to what otherwise would be just waste.



of ghost fishing gear enter our seas every year



of waste has been recycled by Undersea to date

All of our boardshorts are made with REPREVE® , a polyester fiber made out of 100% recycled plastic, the majority of which is derived from post-consumer plastic bottles. All plastic is recycled into performance fibers. Compared to virgin fiber, REPREVE helps to offset the use of petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process.

It is the only eco-performance fiber with U TRUST® verification to certify recycled content claims.

The impact of these ghost fishing nets are huge! They continue harming the marine life as animals are trapped and suffocated by these discarded fishing nets and their habitat is destroyed as well.



As UNDERSEA WEAR is fighting for a healthier Planet, every year we are donating to a non-profit organization to help the wildlife and environment in different aspects.

According to the current situation going on in the world, we decided to postpone our 2022 charity project and instead, we would like to help the victims of the Ukriane - Russia War through Unicef, which is working to scale up life-saving support for children and their families. With your purchase, you're helping UNICEF for the survival, protection and development of children in Ukraine.


Staying true to our values, all of our packages are made of recycled and sustainably sourced materials, designed with YOU and PLANET in mind. Our hangtags are made from seed papers, that means you can plant it in your garden and watch it grow!


Actively getting involved in climate protection is life-changing, that‘s why we are providing environmentally responsible shipping option to our customers. Our GoGreen climate neutral service helps them to combat climate change by offsetting emissions from the transportation of their shipments.


To make sure our bikinis will never pollute the environment, we are running a recyclable project to offer our customers an opportunity to send back their old swimwear to make it recycle the same way as it was produced. In return, we give 20 % discount from their next purchase.

If you would like to recycle your old Undersea Swimwear, please get in contact with us by email!


Undersea Wear is not just a brand, it‘s a movement.
A movement, where we help in different ways to protect our beautiful planet. A movement, where we create awareness about plastic pollution. A movement, where we fight together for a healthier future.
That`s why, Undersea Wear started a clean-up project where anybody can be involved who would like to help regardless of age, race or gender.