I know, it’s genius.

We were thinking a lot what to do with the hangtags on the bikinis because in the end it is just another trash that you throw away. And exactly this is what we DIDN’T want! No more rubbish!

When we got to the plantable hangtag idea, we were happier than ever. Ok, we might got a bit carried away.. but this is the perfect solution, I guess.

After you cut it off from your bikini, you just need to take a pot, some soil, plant the tag and watch it grow! Amazing, isn’t it?

But before you plant it, get to know more about our tags:

  • They are made from seed papers – Plantable paper is a biodegradable eco-paper that is made with post-consumer materials (no trees harmed for this paper!) and embedded with seeds.
  • Every paper contains different kind of seeds, so it is always a surprise what will grow in your garden!
  • Seed paper are crafted from 100% post-industrial, recycled paper and dyed with all-natural, vegetable-based pigments.
  • The seeds and flowers in the paper can create decorative effects and colors.

How to plant it?

First of all, you will need:

  • a pot for planting
  • some good potting soil
  • Undersea Bikini hangtag
  • water
  • a sunny corner

Step 1 – Prepare your pot

Fill your pot 2/3 full with good potting soil. The paper can be planted indoors or outside, so you get to choose according to the temperature and conditions at the time of planting.

Step2 – Plant your tag

Take your Undersea hangtag and cover the soil in the prepared pot with the paper. It’s okay if the paper overlaps. Spread a 1/8 inch layer of soil over the plantable paper pieces and tamp down gently.

Step 3 – Watering

After planting the paper in your pot, give it a good soak. You want the paper and the soil to be nicely damp but not swimming in water. During the first 10-13 days, keep the paper moist at all times. The water is necessary for germination.

Step 4 – Take care

Once sprouts appear, continue to keep the paper moist but be careful not to overwater. Once sturdy plants appear, water as needed.

Step 5 – Enjoy!

Once the flowers start to blossom, enjoy them in the pot or in your garden!

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