Everyone has a favourite season. Some people enjoy the hot summer heat filled with sand and salt, others prefer the hibernation of winter, and others look forward to the fresh blooms of spring, but fall is definitely the best time of the year for book lovers.

Between the cozy weather and the fun-filled holidays autumn is the perfect season for getting lost in a stack full of books.
It‘s time to curl up with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate and start a new book (or three) with our best recommendations!

Dont‘t be surprised, they are all ocean related!

1. Deep by James Nestor
An ode to the extreme sport of freediving, Deep is a memoir of both dangerous underwater stunts and the strange science of the abyss. Need a reminder of human potential? Dive in.

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2. Song for the Blue Ocean by Carl Safina

In the spirit of Rachel Carson, Carl Safina’s book takes the reader on a lyrical journey through the oceans from the coasts to the deep abyss. He explores the ocean through the lens of his personal experiences to reveal the beauty, mystery, and political discourse surrounding the oceans of our world.

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3. Moby Dick by Herman Melville
This one hardly needs an introduction. Often referred to as “the greatest book of the sea ever written,” Herman Melville’s masterpiece tells the story of a fanatical captain out for revenge against a whale. Full of mesmerizing characters and chilling descriptions of the sea, this book will leave an impression on all who read it.

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4. Sea Change by Sylvia Earle
Referred to as “Her Deepness”, Sylvia Earle is a world authority on the ocean and a passionate defender of the deep. Sea Change is an account of 30 years of experience studying the oceans: dives with humpback whales, exploration of the Great Barrier Reef,
and heartbreaking observations of the destruction wrought by oil spills. This book will show you the ocean the way “Her Deepness” sees it: as a precious, complex system that is in great peril from the actions of mankind.

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5. The Extreme Life of the Sea by Stephen R. Palumbi
This book takes readers on an adventure to the most extreme parts of the oceans, from the frigid Arctic seafloor to steaming hydrothermal vents. You’re bound to finish this book with a new appreciation for some of the rarest, most unique looking creatures that inhabit the deep blue.

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