Montana Lower is an entrepreneur, environmental engineer, activist, sustainability consultant, creator, model, ambassador and mother.

Recently she has teamed up with us to provide you a soul filled, vintage inspired summer collection that is as conscious as it is cool. We have hand crafted these pieces with love and recycled ocean plastic, just for you, a real woman who knows her worth and the planets too.

Please, introduce yourself in a few words!

Hi! I’m Montana, I live in a little cottage on an island off an island in Australia with my family. We are in the midst of creating a lifestyle where we live off the land and give back to our earth and I’m so stoked to share our journey with you!

Would you tell a few words about how you became so conscious about your lifestyle and why sustainability is so important for you?

I was raised on the coral coast of Fiji where we were taught to live in synergy with the earth. As I grew older, I realised not everyone felt this way and She needed our help. Since then I have studied and worked to become an environmental engineer and ambassador encouraging brands to do better all over the world. But of course, nothing made me more passionate about protecting nature as much as becoming a mother.

Let‘s talk about the Wildflower collection a bit! What is the motivation and inspiration behind this collection? 

Wildflower is inspired by our families recent move to rural Tasmania, where each postcode seems to come with its own unique abundant wildflowers. It got me thinking how as people we are all like wildflowers - finding our unique place to thrive, abandoning outdated social constructs and forging a new path for an earth filled with beauty and regeneration. 

Could you tell us a bit about the designs you created?

The designs are inspired by the 70s, with all my wildflower women in mind. I hoped to create classic silhouettes that supported women of different body shapes & tastes. The bikini is cheeky and perfect for sun baking, where the one piece is more conservative yet still sexy (something I came to appreciate more when I became a mum).

The collection is entirely made from recycled & recyclable materials. Why was this important to you?

There’s enough plastic in the world! If we’re going to create something new, why not create it from old things? I’m so proud of our team for creating this collection, but I do think this should be the standard for the fashion industry. 

Do you have a favorite piece from this collection? If yes, which one and why?

I love the Genie One-Piece and matching mini sunshirt. It helps me to feel comfortable in my changing body and ready for every adventure and it’s just toooo cute on the babies!

What were the biggest challenges of designing and creating this collection? What have you learned along the way?

I think we all deserve a medal for creating this collection with a team split between Europe, different parts of Australia & USA ! Things take longer when we’re waiting for mail to try on samples & as everyone knows everything has been taking ageeees to post in Australia. I always believe in divine timing though & perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned is how important it is to work with aligned creatives. It just makes things so much easier!

Who do you recommend for your swimwear collection and why?

It is my hope that women of all ages, from all walks of life will find something to love about this collection. From young women to mamas to the older generation reminiscent of the iconic 70s cut. 

Any tips on shopping for swimsuits for our readers?

Go timeless, not seasonal - With everything. Look for quality & something that makes you feel good for years to come. This is the most sustainable way to shop and makes it so much easier to decide what to wear. 

Click here to shop Montana‘s Collection!

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